London Film Festival 2019 – Part 2

MI6 v. democracy, FBI v. democracy, community self-defence, cultural tourism, and buddies   Coup 53 (2019) Director: Taghi Amirani. Featuring Walter Murch, Taghi Amirani, David Talbot Close involvement with the coup that toppled Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mossadegh in 1953 has never been acknowledged by a UK government. Taghi Amirani’s documentary lays out the […]

Crime & punishment

A creature of a nadir in UK politics, the new minority Conservative government under Boris Johnson is now in full election campaigning mode. A major plank in the policies its wonks have seen fit to promote in recent weeks concerns substantial changes in the criminal justice system. Headline announcements have promised 20,000 more police ‘on […]

Consequences (Posledice)

Andrej (Matej Zemljič) and his parents are in a Slovenian court: he is 18, refusing to go to school or work, and found guilty of assaulting a young woman at a party. Sentenced to live weekdays at a youth detention centre, Andrej is tested by and then links up with inmate leader Željko (Timon Šturbej). This […]

The Breaker Upperers

  In many  respects The Breaker Upperers exhibits a Netflix house style, especially in the skits sequence used at the start: rapid fire cameos that look like taster- or teaser-trailer footage. This rapid succession of zany clips is a poor appetiser for the main course, especially as none are expanded later. By the time the […]

Starred up

Questions around criminal justice are highlighted by the feature film Starred up, which was released in 2014 and is broadcast intermittently on UK television. Its director, David Mackenzie, explores an adult jail from a new perspective, centring on late teenage offender Eric (Jack O’Connell), who has just been transferred – ‘starred up’ – for unspecified […]

Our venture

Red Republican will carry articles relevant to democratizing our world. Fighting for extreme democracy in the here and now. Exposing how the capitalist system’s one driving force, the pursuit of profit, destroys humanity and the planet. Discovering what we can do to save ourselves and our environment. Giving hope that through our struggle to understand and […]